New jobs in the ‘green’ industry 加入 “綠色行業” 的英國年輕人



New jobs in the 『green’ industry 加入 「綠色行業」 的英國年輕人


有關 「climate change(氣候變化)」 的詞彙


Which industry is Bridie about to join?


There are jobs that hardly existed a generation ago. Bridie is learning to maintain wind turbines, Paul makes heat pumps to replace gas boilers, and Beth is at work on a futuristic farm. All three are zero carbon – to help with climate change.


Beth Campbell, Jones Food Company
I think for my generation it’s a huge deal. Like, it’s affecting us now. We’re starting to see the problems that the climate change is causing now – and with the ice caps melting and the world heating and all of these deadlines being set by the government… things have to happen now.

貝絲‧坎貝爾       瓊斯食品公司

In the purple light of her vertical farm, Beth explains how the water’s recycled, the crops are sold locally, and the power is solar – from panels on the roof in this industrial estate in Scunthorpe [UK].


Beth Campbell, Jones Food Company
This is the future. If you can grow stuff that’s supposed to grow in Italy in here, in the UK – you can grow it anywhere in the world. You could grow it in the Middle East, in Africa – and then you cut out all the transportation. So, you’re saving money, time, resources – and carbon, I reckon – and carbon – a lot of carbon. You’re not flying basil all over the world.

貝絲‧坎貝爾       瓊斯食品公司
「這就是未來。如果能在英國種植意大利的農作物,那在世界上任何地方都可以種。你可以在中東、非洲種植,不需要任何運輸。所以,省了金錢、時間、資源……」 「還有排放。」 「沒錯,會大大減少碳排放,因為不用把羅勒之類的蔬菜空運到世界各地了。」

Paul McGoogan reckons he’s also in an industry of the future. The heat pumps being made here in Livingston release no carbon. And for him, a green career is safe.


Paul McGoogan, Mitsibishi Electric
Me and my girlfriend, we’ve just bought a new home, and the next step for us is hopefully to start a family. So, knowing that we are doing our bit in this company to create a better, brighter future, a more sustainable future for my family and for generations to come – it’s a big deal to me.

保羅‧麥古根       三菱電機

As an apprentice, Bridie is getting ready to join the offshore wind industry.


From Grimsby, she’ll head out to the North Sea – to the giant turbines there –rather than to the fishing grounds that once made her hometown famous.


Bridie Salmon, Orsted
It’s really nice to see that growing from fishing to engineering – and from, kind of, an old industry, to a renewable green one. I mean, the North Sea… I don’t think many people romanticise the North Sea, but on a quiet day when the Sun’s rising, I think one could certainly do that – so I can’t wait. It’ll be great.

布萊蒂‧薩爾蒙       Orsted 公司

So, there are new green opportunities – and they’re essential for the UK to go [net] zero carbon. And we’ll soon see if enough are being created to make that a reality.



zero carbon 零碳排放

solar 太陽的

carbon 碳

sustainable 可持續的

renewable 可再生的


Bridie is getting ready to join the offshore wind industry.