New life for world’s loneliest elephant 世界上最孤獨的大象重獲新生


New life for world’s loneliest elephant 世界上最孤獨的大象重獲新生


有關 「animal welfare(動物福利)」 的詞彙


Which country is Kaavan the elephant moving to?


This is the story of one of the world’s most famous popstars and the world’s loneliest elephant.


After 35 years in captivity, at times left chained up, Kaavan is being set free.


Tens of thousands of people signed a petition on his behalf. His most vocal supporter, superstar Cher.


Kaavan was given to Pakistan as a gift by the Sri Lankan government back in 1985. But he’s been badly treated at this zoo, enduring poor conditions. Life got even worse after his only companion died eight years ago.


Secunder Kermani, BBC reporter
The way Kaavan is swaying his head from side to side is a common sign of distress and it’s something that he spends a lot of time doing. It’s why campaigners have been so keen to move him.

塞肯德‧克曼尼     BBC通訊員

Now Kaavan will be taken to a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia, after a court shut the zoo down until its facilities are improved. A specialist international charity has been preparing him for the journey – trying to get him used to the crate he will fly in, using food to encourage him to obey their commands.


Kaavan weighs around five tonnes – moving him will be a huge logistical challenge. But the charity’s leading vet has discovered how to help keep him calm – singing to him! His favourite song, Frank Sinatra’s 『I Did it My Way’.

卡萬重約五噸,為它搬家將是一個巨大的組織難題。但該慈善機構的首席獸醫發現了幫助它保持冷靜的方法——給它唱歌!它最喜歡的是弗蘭克‧辛納特拉的歌曲《我的路(My Way)》。


in captivity 被關在動物園的, 被圈養的

vocal supporter 為…發聲的支持者

treated 被對待

distress 痛苦,憂慮

logistical 後勤方面的,組織安排上的


He’s moving to Cambodia.