Out-of-hours work ban 比利時新規:員工下班可 「斷聯」



Out-of-hours work ban 比利時新規:員工下班可 「斷聯」


有關 「work(工作)」 的詞彙


What is the idea behind these new rules about working hours?


The makings of a Belgian shepherd’s pie. Delphine, a civil servant, is preparing dinner for her friends. With a life outside of work, she welcomes ways to help people switch off.


Delphine Piraux, civil servant
Especially for young people. It’s not always clear when they have to be available or not. Because when you begin a new job, you want to be perfect, you know. And you think, ‘if I don’t answer that email at 10 o’clock at night, maybe my boss will not like it’. So now I think it’s going to be, yeah, a cultural change.

黛爾芬‧皮霍       公務員

The new rules mean outside normal hours bosses can’t get in touch, although there are exceptions. Workers also shouldn’t be disadvantaged by not answering calls and emails.


The idea – better wellbeing, less stress.


It’s a good idea as people move more and more towards digital works especially.


You work your eight hours and then you go home.


I think it’s part of the job to be there when it’s necessary.


The minister in charge of the law change says there are plans to expand it to the private sector. But critics question the need for further regulation.


Jessica Parker, BBC correspondent
What would you say to people who suggest this is actually a bad idea, inefficient maybe?

傑西卡‧帕克        BBC通訊員

Petra de Sutter, Minister for Public Administration
It is a misconception to think that you really should work 24-7 because we see that a lot of people cannot cope with that. And they are falling out.

佩特拉‧德‧薩特       公共管理部部長

Dinner’s in the oven. The mood is relaxed.


Similar laws have been introduced in France, Italy and Spain.


But Delphine’s cat Mystique could perhaps best lead by example on how to unwind!

不過談到該如何放鬆,黛爾芬的貓 Mystique 或許才是最好的榜樣!


civil servant 公務員

job 工作

boss 上司,老闆

normal hours 正常工作時間

private sector 私營企業


The idea is to improve workers’ wellbeing and cause less stress.