Piano artificial intelligence 當作曲家遇上人工智慧鋼琴



Piano artificial intelligence 當作曲家遇上人工智慧鋼琴


有關 「music(音樂)」 的詞彙


Which phrase in the report means 『to go on tour’?


Alexandros Markeas has been making music pretty much his entire life. But now, he is no longer making it on his own.


He sits at his piano, improvising, composing, bringing together different notes and sounds – then the automated piano next to him responds.


Artificial intelligence conjuring up new music all by itself. A creative relationship back and forth – synergy between man and machine.


Alexandros Markeas, Composer
I’m interested in acting, having a reaction and reacting to the reaction. Because in the end I’m always the one who manages it. I’m here now and I want to create music that results from a surprise, from something I didn’t expect.

亞歷山大‧馬凱亞斯       作曲家

A team of local scientists develop the software, inputting data and teaching the machine to make choices. The priority – to create something completely original and innovative.


Jérôme Nika, Scientific researcher
The direction in which artistic projects push the machines is to go and look for the frontier of error [eg: mistakes], the frontier of the bizarre [eg: unusual] rather than trying to reproduce as faithfully as possible a human sound.

傑羅姆‧尼卡       科學研究員

Ultimately, Alexandros wants to take the show on the road, performing for audiences, showcasing this new way of working. A musical partnership unlike any that’s gone before.



improvising 即興創作、演奏

composing 作曲

original 原創的

innovative 創新的,新穎的

showcasing 展示(優點)


The phrase is 『take the show on the road’.