Plans to land first woman on the Moon 美國國家航空航天局計畫送首位女性登月


Plans to land first woman on the Moon 美國國家航空航天局計畫送首位女性登月


有關 「exploration(探索)」 的詞彙


When is Nasa planning to land a woman on the Moon?


This will be the first human Moon landing during the lifetime of three quarters of the world’s population.


Nasa’s fast-tracked its exploration plans in the hope of establishing sustainable exploration by the end of the decade.


The lucky astronauts will have these modern spacesuits with greater flexibility to conduct science experiments on the Moon.


The first woman on the Moon, who will instantly become a household name and source of inspiration, hasn’t yet been chosen.


Nasa says she will be somebody currently in the astronaut corps who has flown to the International Space Station already.


Laura Forczyk, founder of Astralytical
Oh, it’s fantastic ­– this is a long time coming. We’ve been wanting to get back to the Moon for decades now. And in a way, it’s a perfect time because we’re not only going as the United States of America, we’re going as an international collaboration.

勞拉‧福爾茨克    太空諮詢公司 Astralytical 創始人

Voice of Neil Armstrong
It’s one small step for man – one giant leap for mankind.


Neil Armstrong’s first steps in 1969, not only won the space race for America by beating the Soviet Union but provided a giant step in understanding for science.

1969年,尼爾‧阿姆斯特朗踏上了月球,這不僅打敗了蘇聯,為美國贏得了 「太空競賽」,而且還在科學認識方面邁出了一大步

So what happens next? Lawmakers have already allocated 600 million dollars towards the lunar lander, but Nasa will need a total of 3.2 billion to develop the vehicle in full.


Next will be an uncrewed test flight of the powerful new rocket and Orion spacecraft around the Moon, called Artemis-1, in the autumn of 2021 for about a month.

接下來的任務是在2021年秋季對強大的新型火箭和獵戶座飛船進行一次無人駕駛的繞月飛行測試,為期約一個月,這次任務名為 「阿爾忒彌斯-1任務」。

Then we’ll see Artemis-2, a repeat trip around the Moon, but this time with astronauts manually piloting it.


In 2024 comes Artemis-3 – the planned landing itself.


Later in the decade, Nasa hopes to establish a base for humans called Artemis Base Camp with the infrastructure for long-term exploration of the Moon.

在21世紀20年代後期,美國國家航空航天局希望能為人類建立一個名為 「阿爾忒彌斯大本營」 的基地,基地將配有用於長期月球探索的基礎設施。

Nasa hopes this return to the Moon will not only uncover new scientific discoveries and economic benefits, but inspire a new generation of explorers as one giant leap for womankind.



sustainable 可持續的

conduct 進行,做

collaboration 合作,協作

a giant step 一大步

discoveries 發現


Nasa is planning to land a woman on the Moon in 2024.