Prehistoric monument discovered 考古學家在巨石陣附近發現史前遺址


Prehistoric monument discovered 考古學家在巨石陣附近發現史前遺址


有關 「ancient discoveries(史前遺址的發現)」 的詞彙


Which famous prehistoric site does this new discovery lie close to?


It’s one of the world’s most famous sights. Yet, so much about Stonehenge (in the UK) remains a mystery. But are we finally getting closer to understanding?


It’s this site, two miles away, that archaeologists have been examining. An area known as Durrington Walls. Using ground-penetrating radar, they’ve been able to look deep into the earth and discovered what could be one of the UK’s largest prehistoric sites.

考古學家們一直在研究的是距巨石陣2英里外的這個遺址。一個被稱作德靈頓垣牆(Durrington Walls)的地方。通過利用探地雷達,考古學家們能夠深入地下探測,並發現了可能是英國最大的史前遺址之一。

A ring of around twenty shafts, dug more than 4,000 years ago, around the time Stonehenge was built nearby.


Dr Richard Bates, University of St Andrews
These are 20-metre diameter, at least five-metre deep – sometimes even deeper, we think, shafts or pits that have been dug into the chalk and are oriented in a kind of an arc both to the south and the north of Durrington Walls. The orientation of them, and the spacing of them, would suggest that they have some organised, ritualistic reason for being there.

理查德‧貝茨博士     聖安德魯斯大學

The task for historians now is to work out how the newly discovered outer ring of pits is connected to Stonehenge itself.


The National Trust has described the find as 『astonishing’. What further secrets will it now reveal?

英國國家信託基金會表示,這一發現 「令人震驚」。這個發現又將揭開什麼秘密呢?


archaeologists 考古學家

shafts 豎井

pits 坑洞

oriented 朝向,面對

ritualistic 儀式的


It lies two miles from Stonehenge – a prehistoric stone circle in the UK.