Prickles the sheep has been found! 綿羊 「隱居」 七年後重返農場


Prickles the sheep has been found! 綿羊 「隱居」 七年後重返農場


有關 「sheep(綿羊)」 的詞彙


What is going to be used to help raise money for the United Nations Refugee Agency?


Alice Gray, farmer
When we saw her across the dam, we thought, ‘what is that? It is massive!』

愛麗絲‧格雷     農場主

Prickles the sheep is a master of self-isolation. She spent seven years alone, lost in the Tasmanian bush.

綿羊 「皮刺」(Prickles)是自我隔離大師。她獨自生活了七年,迷失在塔斯馬尼亞的灌木叢中。

Alice Gray, farmer
In 2013, there was a huge bushfire and all the fences on our farm were burnt, and so we had to rebuild them and we believe that Prickles was trapped in a bush block at the back of our farm then. We didn’t know Prickles existed, however we had an inkling because we set up some night-time cameras to see if we had any deer. One night, we saw this huge ball, fluffy thing, come and peer into the lens, so we had a feeling there was some creature out there.

愛麗絲‧格雷     農場主
「2013年,一場叢林大火燒燬了我們農場所有的圍欄,所以我們得重建圍欄,我們認為 『皮刺』(Prickles)當時被困在了農場後面的灌木叢中。那時我們並不知道 『皮刺』(Prickles)的存在,但有一絲頭緒,因為我們在農場上裝了夜視攝像機,用來查看周邊是否有鹿。一天晚上,我們看到有一個巨大的毛球走了過來,盯著鏡頭看,所以我們覺得好像有什麼動物在那裡。」

So how was Prickles discovered?


Alice Gray, farmer
It was actually my son Barclay’s sixth birthday. And because we’re in isolation, we couldn’t have a birthday party. So we went up to the back of our farm to have a barbeque, and then it was there that we saw across the dam this huge sheep.

愛麗絲‧格雷     農場主

Alice’s husband caught the enormous sheep.


Alice Gray, farmer
He was just clutching this gigantic sheep. She was upside down, her wool is so thick. She wasn’t very happy about it, but because she’s in tremendous condition and she’s very strong and so it actually took five adults to get her into the back of the ute [pick-up truck] to bring her back to the farmyard.

愛麗絲‧格雷    農場主

Prickles is adjusting well to farm life.


Alice Gray, farmer
She’s doing wonderfully. You can probably see her in the background somewhere. She is surrounded by a little herd of sheep. She’s going to be staying in our retirement paddock for the rest of her life. So she’s going to spend her days in a happy place.

愛麗絲‧格雷     農場主

Alice plans to put Prickles’ enormous fleece to good use.

愛麗絲打算好好利用 「皮刺」 (Prickles)身上大量的羊毛

Alice Gray, farmer
We were talking about how marvellous she is at social distancing. And that got us thinking about Covid-19 and the sort of way we could use Prickles’ fleece to help people. And so we decided to have a 『guess the weight of her fleece’ competition and the money is going to go to UNHCR, which is the United Nations Refugee Agency, because if there’s one group of people on this planet who can’t socially isolate, it is refugees. So we have a shearer booked and she’s going to take off Prickles’ fleece and we’ll be able to announce the winner.

愛麗絲‧格雷    農場主
「我們談到她保持社交距離的能力有多厲害。這讓我們想到了新冠肺炎,以及我們可以怎樣利用 『皮刺』(Prickles)的羊毛來幫助他人。所以我們決定舉辦一場競猜,猜她身上羊毛的重量,競猜籌集來的資金將捐給聯合國難民事務高級專員公署,也就是聯合國難民署,因為地球上有一個群體是無法進行社交隔離的,那就是難民。我們預約了一位剪毛工,她將剃掉 『皮刺』(Prickles)的羊毛,之後我們就能宣佈競猜獲勝者。」


a master of ……的大師

condition 狀況

herd 羊群

fleece 羊毛

shearer 剪羊毛的工人


Prickles’ fleece is going to be used in a 『guess the weight of her fleece’ competition.