Protecting seahorses 保護海馬的生態環境



Protecting seahorses 保護海馬的生態環境


有關 「sea and boats(海洋與船隻)」 的詞彙


What three elements seem to affect seahorses in Studland Bay?


These underwater meadows of seagrass provide a vital habitat, teeming with wildlife.


And it’s where you can find the spiny seahorse. It’s a protected species and Studland Bay [UK] is a marine conservation zone.


But boats visiting this popular area off the Dorset coast can create problems.


Neil Garrick-Maidment, The Seahorse Trust
We’ve counted up to 450 boats here in one day. It’s the noise, the anchors, the general movement of everything seems to affect the seahorses. They’re very prone to stress. If they have a lot of stress, then they move back out to sea.

尼爾‧加里克-梅德門特       海馬信託基金會(The Seahorse Trust)

The wildlife presenter Steve Backshall has dived here and says boat anchors and mooring chains can damage the seabed.


Steve Backshall, naturalist
They completely destroy all the substrate around it, which means that all the seagrass dies. And it gets rid of that, that binding substrate, which then washes away as sand. And so, you just end up with these big barren circles around all the moorings. And within that nothing can live, and particularly not seahorses.

史蒂夫‧巴克肖爾       自然愛好者

So, here’s a solution. The Seahorse Trust is installing this environmentally friendly design. Instead of a chain, the mooring is attached to a fixed point in the seabed via a large elasticated rope that stretches with the tide and minimises damage.


And if beneficial, it will mean seafarers and seahorses can coexist successfully.



teeming with (life) 生機勃勃

mooring chains 錨鏈,系泊鏈

seabed 海床,海底

tide 潮水

seafarers 海員,航海者


The seahorses seem to be affected by noise, anchors, and general movement.