Recycling chopsticks 竹筷子回收再利用



Recycling chopsticks 竹筷子回收再利用

有關 「manufacturing(製造)」 的詞彙

What are the chopstick-tiles used for?

Bamboo chopsticks are some of the world’s most popular utensils, but create their fair share of waste. A company in Vancouver, Canada, is giving them a new life.


Felix Bock, ChopValue founder
Sometimes a good idea starts with frustration – when you understand how resource inefficient we are in our cities. I wanted to make sure to set an example of using chopsticks and create a viable business out of it.

菲力克斯‧博克 ChopValue 公司 創始人

ChopValue collects used chopsticks from local restaurants. The sticks are cleaned, infused with resin and pressed into tiles.


Felix Bock, ChopValue founder
Our limitation was the size of the chopstick at the beginning – so I wanted to keep it very, very modular and very micro, and that’s how we developed the first hydraulic hot press that presses 8 by 8 inch (20 by 20 centimetre) tile. It’s very highly densified.

菲力克斯‧博克 ChopValue 公司 創始人

The tiles are used to make new products, including home decor, kitchenware and table tops.


The company has recycled more than 25 million chopsticks to date. They hope to expand by taking their business model abroad.


Felix Bock, ChopValue founder
Think of mass manufacturing today like Ikea would do it. We’re kind of the anti-Ikea and the anti-Amazon. We don’t want to ship product. We don’t want to mass-produce in one location. We want to produce locally wherever you are – but to scale, with a global design and a global brand of support in the back.

菲力克斯‧博克 ChopValue 公司 創始人

Some of the chopsticks have even found a new life as decor in the restaurants where they were sourced from.


resource 資源

infused 灌輸,注入

modular 模塊

press 壓平器,壓榨機

mass-produce 成批生產,大批量生產

They make new products including home decor, kitchenware and table tops.