Recycling food waste 從咖啡館到農場:食物垃圾回收再利用



Recycling food waste 從咖啡館到農場:食物垃圾回收再利用


有關 「sustainability(可持續)」 的詞彙


Where is the food waste put after it has been recycled?


This is just some of the food waste produced from the Clipper Cafe in Shaldon [in the UK].

這只是英國沙爾頓的 「飛剪船」 咖啡館產生的食物垃圾中的一些。

It was sent away for processing or to landfill, but they found a new way to deal with it.


This machine breaks down the waste in less than 24 hours – reducing the volume by up to 90% – producing a material that can be put back on the farm.


Peter French, cafe and farm owner
It’s become noticeable over the years how much material goes to waste – food waste in the kitchen preparation and scraping plates [of leftovers] and all that material is full of nutrient and organic matter that we really do need on the farm to keep the soil healthy and productive for next year’s crops.

彼得‧弗倫奇       咖啡館和農場老闆

It works by using heat and enzymes to reduce the moisture content. It’s hoped it will help the environment.


William Bedell, machine provider, Horse Weigh International
Going to landfill is not sustainable. And it’s doing a huge amount of damage to the environment. So, we are addressing this food waste on-site where it’s produced.

威廉‧貝德爾       機械供應商 Horse Weigh International

The farm and cafe are part of the same business. Much of the produce for the cafe comes from the farm. And the cafe is now sending back the leftovers.


The process is quick, usually taking around 15 hours per load.


Peter French, cafe and farm owner
It just feels right to be returning that organic matter back to the land that originally produced the food. The compost that comes out is a beautiful light, fluffy material. All the fibres of what we’re putting in, is broken down. The heating cycle has cooked all the pathogens and such like that we don’t want to put back onto the farm. And it’s a lovely material to work with. We will be spreading this back on the land through the spring for this year’s crops.

彼得‧弗倫奇       咖啡館和農場老闆

And it’s hoped that that produce will end up back on plates in the cafe soon.



deal with 處理

breaks down 分解

organic matter 有機物

sustainable 可持續的

pathogens 病原體


The food waste is put back on the farm.