Reducing construction waste 減少施工浪費 循環利用托盤




Reducing construction waste 循環利用托盤以減少施工浪費


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How many times do they hope to use the new wooden pallets?


Wherever you see building works, you’re likely to spot these: wooden pallets.


And here is why they are useful. They allow bulky items to be easily transported. The UK construction industry gets through about 18 million of them each year – and the vast majority are used only once.


Julia Messenger, Sustainability Manager, BAM
So, when we get pallets, we’ll store them on site and effectively put them in the skip. What we want to move towards though is material reuse, where the pallets are being reused over and over again.

朱莉婭‧梅森傑       BAM 可持續發展經理

All of those single-use pallets require thousands of hectares of trees to be harvested each year. And of course, manufacturing, transporting and disposing of them creates a significant carbon footprint. So, could these colourful pallets be part of a solution? They don’t look too different, but they’re designed to be stronger, so they can be used multiple times. A group of major construction companies – including BAM – who run this site in Dartford, London, have signed a pledge to address the issue of pallet waste and try a new system devised by a former pallet manufacturer.

製作這些一次性托盤每年需要砍伐數千公頃的樹木。當然,製造、運輸和處理它們會產生巨大的碳足跡。那麼,這些色彩鮮豔的托盤能成為解決方案的一部分嗎?它們看上去與普通托盤沒什麼不同,但設計更堅固,因此可以多次使用。幾家大型建築公司,包括在倫敦達特福德經營這個工地的 BAM 公司,已經許下承諾,保證解決托盤浪費的問題,並試用由一家前托盤製造商設計的新系統。

Paul Lewis, Founder, The Pallet Loop
Today, it’s very much a linear model of distribute and discard at the end. So, we’re looking to create a circular solution.

保羅‧劉易斯       托盤循環(The Pallet Loop)公司創始人

A deposit system means the extra cost of these pallets is passed down the supply chain. The hope is that each one can be used at least half a dozen times. Used ones are returned to a local hub for repair and redistribution.


The new pallet system is due to take off on building sites early next year.



wooden pallets (裝卸、搬運貨物用的)木製托盤

skip 廢料箱

manufacturing 製造

supply chain 供應鏈

building sites 建築工地


The hope is that each one can be used at least half a dozen times.