Restoring an English cathedral 修復索爾茲伯裡大教堂


Restoring an English cathedral 修復索爾茲伯裡大教堂


有關 「restoration(修復)」 的詞彙


How much of the cathedral’s stonework has been restored in the last 35 years?


Its spire stretches 123 metres into the heavens – just above 400 feet – making it the tallest in Britain. It dominates the city of Salisbury and the surrounding countryside. But it’s only up close that you gain a full appreciation of this building and the people who created it.


We’re climbing the scaffolding on the Among the Parapets tour. Covid-secure of course, but a chance to see the scale of the task at hand.


John Maguire, BBC reporter
Well, this building is 800 years old. The restoration work that’s been going on for the past 35 years or so has seen the replacement of around one per cent of the stones. So, as you can imagine there’s still quite a lot of work to do.

約翰‧馬奎爾     BBC通訊員

Clambering beneath the east end roof into a loft that for centuries was a workshop for the stonemasons, Gary shows me how much of the traditional way of working still continues today.


Wind, rain, frost and pollution have joined forces to attack the cathedral’s exterior. But step inside, and the stonework looks as if it was created yesterday.


Back on terra firma in the stonemasons’ workshop, Sarah’s carving in the same way as her forebears have for centuries. And like them, modern-day artisans create their own incredible detail in the stone. Often, their work will be placed hundreds of feet high, near invisible from the ground.


Traditionally, they’ve carved their unique signature, often initials, into the stone. It’s known as a ‘banker mark’, as it ensured that they were paid.

根據傳統,工匠們會在石頭上刻上自己獨特的簽名,通常是工匠的姓名首字母。這個簽名被稱為 「石匠標記」,因為它確保了石匠們能得到相應的報酬。

The money raised from the tours will go towards the two million pound shortfall caused by Covid. But, Salisbury Cathedral is among those institutions that have survived even worse.



spire 建築物尖頂,塔尖

parapets 矮護牆

stonemasons 石匠

forebears 祖先

artisans 工匠,手藝人


Only one per cent of the cathedral’s stones have been restored in the last 35 years.