Rhinos taken back to Rwanda 送犀牛回盧旺達



Rhinos taken back to Rwanda 送犀牛回盧旺達


有關 「conservation 動物保護」 的詞彙


Why are the keepers training the rhinos to stand calmly in a confined space?


Not your usual feeding time. This is 『rhino flight training’.

這不是往常的喂食時間。這是 「犀牛飛行訓練」。

With comforting words and lots of apples, the keepers here at this Czech zoo are training rhinos to stand calmly in a confined space. It’s something they’ll need to do for hours on their upcoming flight to Rwanda.

安慰的話語,配上大量的蘋果 —— 捷克動物園的飼養員們正在訓練犀牛平靜地站立在一個狹小空間裡的能力。因為它們需要在即將飛往盧旺達的航班上站立數小時。

Five young rhinos, all born in European zoos, have been selected to be transported and released into the wild.


They’re all the descendants of animals that were taken decades ago from Africa.


Jan Stejskal, Dvur Králové Safari Park
We have to do everything we can now to, let’s say, pay back what we did in the past. And one of the ways how we can do it is to get involved in the conservation projects like translocating of rhinos from European zoos back to Rwanda and helping establishing a new population in this African country.

揚‧斯泰斯卡爾     捷克德武爾克拉洛維動物園和野生動物園

These are critically endangered eastern black rhinos, brought together here from three different zoos in preparation for their 6,000-kilometre journey.

這些是極度瀕危的東部黑犀牛,從三個不同的動物園中挑選出來集中在這裡,準備開始它們 6000 公里的旅程。

The flight they’ve been preparing for finally arrived at Kigali International Airport.


While this is the end of a very long journey, it’s just the beginning of what will hopefully be a long life in the wild.



feeding time 喂食時間

keepers 飼養員

released into the wild 放歸野外

critically endangered 極度瀕危的


Because the rhinos will need to stand for hours on their upcoming flight to Rwanda.