Robot grocery deliveries 機器人送貨員



Robot grocery deliveries 機器人送貨員


有關 「the delivery of goods 送貨」 的詞彙


What happens if someone tries to open the robot to steal the goods?


Kayla’s life is busy. When the dust settles, she craves convenience. But, like many in Milton Keynes, Kayla’s groceries won’t come by van, or be handed over by a human. Since last April, she’s had the option of delivery by robot.

Fantastic! New technology…

35 robots are now making more than 1,000 deliveries per week.
這裡每週有 35 個機器人運送超過一千件貨物。

Chris Conway, Co-op
Once the order is placed, a colleague will then pick the products and then they’ll place them in the robot.

克里斯‧康威(畫外音) 英國超市 Co-op

With her address programmed in, Kayla’s delivery is on its way. The robot is navigating itself and is programmed to stick to paths and pavements. And if it finds something blocking its way, in this case me, it should work out what to do.

Excuse me. Would you please let me pass?

Henry Harris-Burland, Starship Technologies
The robot has like a detection bubble around it and whether it’s a pedestrian, a dog, any form of obstacle, it will either safely stop, it will manoeuvre around the obstacle. But if it’s a very narrow pavement, it can even back up and get out the way.
亨利‧哈里斯伯蘭 Starship Technologies 公司

The robots can only be opened by the customer who placed the order. An alarm will go off if they’re tampered with. The scheme’s being expanded to more than 10,000 homes and some university campuses.

Kind of cute, or kind of creepy? In Milton Keynes, robots are changing the way people shop.


convenience 便利

handed over 被遞送

the order is placed 下訂單

on its way 在途中,在路上

tampered with 被動手腳


If someone tries to tamper with the robot, an alarm will go off.