Searching for the Loch Ness Monster 尋找尼斯湖水怪



Searching for the Loch Ness Monster 尋找尼斯湖水怪


有關 「the unexplained(未知)」 的詞彙


What kinds of environmental DNA are scientists collecting from the loch?


It’s a mystery which endures. Just what exactly lies beneath the murky waters of Loch Ness?


The sightings of Nessie stretch back hundreds of years – but as yet, no definitive explanation has been found. A team of scientists, led by New Zealand’s Otago University, has been testing water samples and collecting environmental DNA from all forms of life in the loch, including plants, insects, fish and mammals.


Professor Eric Verspoor, University of the Highlands and Islands
You basically take a litre or two of water and you filter it out, and in the stuff that’s filtered out will be DNA. And using that DNA, you can then sequence it. And on the basis of the sequence, identify the types of organisms that are present in the water.

埃裡克‧維斯普教授     高地與群島大學
「你提取一到兩升水,然後過濾,過濾掉的東西里會有環境 DNA。用這些 DNA,可進行基因排序。根據序列,識別出水中存在的生物體類型。」

The world’s media gathered at the loch side to hear exactly what they found.


Professor Neil Gemmell, University of Otago
This idea of a giant, extinct reptile… Well, we didn’t find any reptilian DNA, so we don’t think that seems very plausible based on the samples and the analysis that we’ve undertaken. And we also went looking for another idea, which is a giant eel. Well, we don’t know if the eels are giant or not but we certainly found an awful lot of eel DNA. I guess, much more than I expected.

尼爾‧格默爾教授    奧塔哥大學
「我們沒有發現任何爬行動物的 DNA,我們認為這似乎不太可信,這是根據我們所做的樣本分析得出的結果。我們也試圖尋找一條巨型鰻魚。我們不知道湖中的鰻魚是否巨大,但我們確實發現了大量鰻魚 DNA。比我想像的要多。」

But one long-time Nessie hunter is unconvinced by today’s news.


Steve Feltham, Nessie hunter
Eels in Loch Ness? Personally, I think a 12-year-old boy could tell you that. There could be some massive eels in there – that could be the explanation. But to say ‘we have found evidence of eels’ is like saying ‘we’ve found evidence of fish in a Scottish loch’. Well done!

史蒂夫‧費爾特姆     「尼斯湖水怪」 尋找者
「尼斯湖裡有鰻魚?在我看來,一個 12 歲的男孩都知道這個。尼斯湖裡可能有一些巨大的鰻魚,這可能是一種解釋。但是說 『我們發現了鰻魚存在的證據』 就像說 『我們在蘇格蘭的湖泊中發現了魚類存在的證據』。這研究做得真好!」

The sense of mystery here at the loch, though, remains. More than 20% of the DNA found was unidentified – meaning the search for Nessie goes on.

儘管如此,尼斯湖的神秘感依然存在。此次研究發現的生物 DNA 中超過 20% 是未知的,這意味著對尼斯湖水怪的搜尋仍將繼續。


mystery 神秘的事情

definitive explanation 確切的解釋

plausible 貌似可信的

unconvinced 不信服的,不確定的

unidentified 不明的,未知的


Scientists are collecting DNA from all forms of life, including plants, insects, fish and mammals.