Security camera captures moment missing cat comes home 監控攝影機捕捉到失蹤貓咪回家的一刻



Security camera captures moment missing cat comes home 監控攝影機捕捉到失蹤貓咪回家的一刻


Amanda Appleyard, Roddy’s owner
“Literally, I’m walking down the drive. I literally hear his miaow. So, I had to, like, hear it again. And I just turned around to Mark and said: ‘It’s Roddy. He’s back.’ ”

阿曼達·阿普爾亞德     羅迪的主人
“當時,我正沿著自家的車道走,我突然聽到了它喵喵叫的聲音。所以,我得再聽一遍才能相信自己的耳朵,然後我轉身對馬克說 ‘是羅迪,牠回來了’。”

This was the moment Roddy the cat returned home after 74 days.


The home security cameras captured the special moment.


Amanda Appleyard, Roddy’s owner
“It was the 13th of October, was the night that he didn’t come home. Yeah, night after night, I would just be praying, basically, that he would just one day show up at the patio doors.

阿曼達·阿普爾亞德     羅迪的主人

I was just overjoyed. I just… Oh, I don’t know how to explain it, really. I was just stunned, I was shocked, I was over the moon.


I mean, from the video you can see, I just, I’m in tears. I’m just hugging him. I don’t want to let him go. And I’m like: ‘Oh, you’re not leaving me ever.’


He’s got his blue little, quite big actually, big tracker collar thing.


I’m kind of glad we had the cameras on. The fact that that captured it, the raw emotion… I look back at it now and I still have tears in my eyes.”