Recycling bikes for health workers 英國慈善團體為醫療工作者免費提供自行車


Recycling bikes for health workers 英國慈善團體為醫療工作者免費提供自行車


有關 「repairing(修理)」 的詞彙


How many bikes has the cycle charity, Shropshire Cycle Hub, given away?


Resurrected, and carefully disinfected. An old bike finds a new owner.


Laura works for the NHS (National Health Service) at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. (In the UK)


Laura Bird, NHS worker
I probably cycle to work if it’s nice weather and I’ve got enough time and it’s good for mental health for people. It means that I can get out and relax a little bit more. I think it’s such a lovely thing they’re doing – it’s such an amazing thing.

勞拉‧伯德     英國國家醫療服務體系工作人員

This charity was launched last year, with the ambition of increasing cycling in Shropshire. Since lockdown began they’ve been flooded with second-hand bikes – they’ve refurbished and given away 33.


Jon Kean, Shropshire Cycle Hub
Some of these NHS workers are finding it difficult to actually get to work, with trouble with public transport, so we’re helping them. This fits us, it fits the NHS requirements and it helps combat this crisis.

喬恩‧基恩     什羅普郡自行車中心(Shropshire Cycle Hub)

Mick helps run a cycle club in Birmingham. In his back garden in his spare time he too has been breathing new life into old rides, helping those on the front line.


Mick Stanford, Cannon Hill Cycle Club
There was a couple last week, both worked – husband and wife – that worked at Solihull Hospital and it was just amazing to be able to give them a bike each, to take them up there and to see them riding off on it and then now being able to cycle to work as they was [were] getting the bus. It’s a great feeling, it really is a great feeling.

米克‧斯坦福德     坎農希爾自行車俱樂部(Cannon Hill Cycle Club)

In lockdown in places, more of us seem to be swapping four wheels for two. The campaign group funding this project and nine others in Birmingham and the Black Country is urging us to keep on peddling once lockdown is lifted.


Volunteers say these schemes will carry on for as long as they’re needed.



resurrected 使……重獲新生

second-hand 二手的

refurbished 被翻新

breathing new life into (something) 給(某物)注入新生

schemes 計畫,方案


It has given away 33 bikes so far.