South Korea’s gaming addiction 韓國青少年沉迷網路遊戲



South Korea’s gaming addiction 韓國青少年沉迷網路遊戲


有關 “dependence 依賴” 的詞彙


How much is the South Korean gaming industry worth?


In South Korea many kids don’t want to be sports stars, they want to be professional gamers. They practise for hours in rooms known as PC Bangs. The competition is so tough, there’s no time to stop for dinner.

在韓國,很多孩子並不想當體育明星,而是想成為職業遊戲玩家。他們在被稱作 “網咖” 的隔間裡一連數小時練習玩遊戲。競賽激烈,沒有時間停下來吃晚飯。

In this arena, you’re a fighter, a hero, a winner. But it’s having a real impact on this new gaming generation. 


These teenagers are just a few of the hundreds who’ve had to undergo a digital detox treatment. Their passion was becoming an addiction.


Male, former gaming addict
I tried quitting by myself, but my friends kept seducing me back to the PC Bang. 

男 曾沉迷遊戲的玩家

They’re taught to care for others and taken to a retirement home where they even put on a show. The aim is to help them interact in the real world: develop a human connection before their symptoms become much worse.


But one head teacher believes the answer is not to limit gaming, but to encourage it.


Bang Seung-Ho, Ahyeon Polytechnic School
Everyone looks at this as a gaming problem. But if you look beyond that, all the kids have talent. And if you just hone that and make them concentrate on it, I think the kids show signs of genius.

方承豪 阿峴理工中學

The South Korean paradox is that its gaming industry is one of the biggest in the world worth over five billion dollars and it’s growing fast. But this country’s also having to invest billions to ensure it doesn’t lose a generation along the way.



digital detox 數字排毒(一段時間內不使用電子設備)

addiction 上癮

seducing 引誘、誘惑

symptoms (疾病)症狀


Tennis for Two is widely considered to be the oldest video game. It was created in 1958 by American physicist William Higinbotham and looked much like the later and more well-known game Pong.



The South Korean gaming industry is worth over five billion dollars.