Surfing therapy 衝浪療法


Surfing therapy 衝浪療法


有關 「therapy(治療)」 的詞彙


What is The Wave?


Believe it or not, ten years ago Charlotte Banfield had a phobia of water.


Charlotte Banfield, surfer
I used to be really scared to go to the beach, go near the shower, go in the rain. It was more of a sensory thing. The feel of water used to really scare me.

夏洛特‧班菲爾德     衝浪愛好者

Charlotte has cerebral palsy, autism and anxiety. When her mum signed her up for a surf therapy session – part of the 『Wave Project’ – it changed her life.

夏洛特患有腦癱、自閉症和焦慮症。在她媽媽為她報名參加由 「海浪計畫(Wave Project)」 組織的衝浪治療課程後,這個療程改變了她的生活。

So, I still have bad days where I get really anxious and I feel like I can’t leave the house. When I’m having those days, I literally get my surfboard, get my wetsuit, get in the car and go, because I know that as soon as I get in the sea, I’ll feel better again. It’s like the sea has some magic healing properties. It just works instantly.


Charlotte’s recovery is such that last year she won the English Adaptive Surfing contest – and she has a master’s degree in marine biology. Today, she’s at The Wave, the artificial surf lake near Bristol (UK), with its founder Nick Hounsfield.

夏洛特的康復情況非常好,去年她贏得了 「英格蘭適應性衝浪大賽(English Adaptive Surfing Open)」,她還獲得了海洋生物學的碩士學位。今天,她在布里斯托爾(英國)附近名為 「波浪(The Wave)」 的人工衝浪湖和其創始人尼克‧豪恩斯菲爾德一起與我們見面。

He’s long been an advocate for what’s known as 『blue health’ – the healing powers of water and the sea. For Nick, his belief became a reality six months ago.

長期以來,尼克一直倡導所謂的 「藍色健康」 理念,寓意著水和海洋的治癒力量。對於尼克來說,他在六個月前親身體會了這一理念的功效。

Nick Hounsfield, Founder of The Wave
I suffered a massive stroke and it became part of my rehabilitation, being here, being in water, swimming alone and starting to realise that my… the connectivity with my brain and my health was a big part of rehabilitation and I really believe that that’s a massive part of how I’ve managed to recover my speech coming back so quickly.

尼克‧豪恩斯菲爾德     「波浪(The Wave)」 人工衝浪湖創始人

Charlotte and Nick are prime examples of the benefits of surfing – highlighted in a report published by The Wave – it looks at how the sport can help physical and mental wellbeing, especially considering the impact of Covid-19.

夏洛特和尼克是衝浪運動有益健康的最佳例證,由 「波浪(The Wave)」 發表的一份報告中強調了衝浪運動如何幫助改善身心健康,特別是考慮到由新冠肺炎疫情帶來的影響。

Dr Easkey Britton from the National University of Ireland Galway, is a surfer and has studied what happens to the brain and the body when in the water.


Dr Easkey Britton, University of Ireland Galway
Being in, on or near water and certainly being actively engaged in it helps, kind of, both stimulate and soothe the nervous system. Our hormonal system, our respiratory system and even our heart rate… it slows in response to these environments.

伊斯基‧布里頓博士     愛爾蘭國立高威大學

From the blues to 『blue health’ – the power of waves are [is] helping people to ride out the storm.

心情憂傷到 「藍色健康」,蘊藏在波浪中的力量正在幫助人們渡過難關


healing properties 治癒功效,治癒特性

rehabilitation 康復

stimulate 刺激

the blues 憂傷,憂鬱

ride out the storm 渡過難關,走出困境


The Wave is an artificial surf lake.