Tackling food waste and obesity 解決食物浪費和肥胖問題



Tackling food waste and obesity 解決食物浪費和肥胖問題


有關 「food excess and waste 廚餘和食物浪費」 的詞彙


What do both the hotel and the UN wish to do by 2030?


This hotel in Tromso is trying to halve its food waste. But how?

Let’s start with these smoothie shots. These are made from yesterday’s leftover fruit.

Then, crafty tricks to nudge people into taking less, like skinny tweezers to stop you piling up the salmon. Or little spoons to serve the herring. Another idea, instead of guests taking a big melon slice and leaving some, the staff dice it. So you take precisely what you want.

Linn Alexandersen, Thon Hotel Polar, Tromso
Many people load onto their plates so they don’t have to go multiple times. We’re able to make people think about how they put food on their plate, and how much they bring to the table to make sure that they eat it all.

琳‧亞歷山德森      特羅姆瑟 Thon Hotel Polar

Another trick is to keep food looking fresh. As a serving dish empties, guests assume the remains are stale. So why not switch the food into a smaller dish? Then again, so it still looks fresh and it all gets eaten.

Ideas like this have cut food waste almost 10% in a year for this chain. The target is 20% by 2020, and then 50% by 2030 – the same as the UN target.
類似的方法已為這家連鎖酒店在一年之內減少了近 10% 的食物浪費。他們的目標是到 2020 年減少 20%,到 2030 年減少 50%,這與聯合國相關的目標一致。

The chef weighs the daily waste. So far, the policy has saved the hotel chain 26 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. And there’s a bonus.
廚師給每天浪費掉的食物稱重。到目前為止,此方法已幫該連鎖酒店減排共 26 噸的二氧化碳。它還有一個好處。

Linn Alexandersen, Thon Hotel Polar, Tromso
We’re also making money of it, which is really a positive side effect by reducing food waste.

琳‧亞歷山德森 特羅姆瑟 Thon Hotel Polar

So, how do guests respond to this culinary nanny state?

Female guest
[I] think it’s very a good thing. I feel that it helps the environment, but it also helps myself to not gain – what do you call it? – weight that I don’t need.


There is no ban on loading up your plate here, but you’d better not leave it.


leftover 剩下的

piling up 堆放

stale 不新鮮的

culinary 餐飲的,飲食的

loading up 大量盛放


They both wish to reduce food waste by 50%.