The 2019 Cricket World Cup 2019 板球世界盃



The 2019 Cricket World Cup 2019 板球世界盃


有關 「tournaments 錦標賽」 的詞彙


Which World Cup match is eagerly anticipated?


It’s cricket’s moment in the sun. The World Cup has forged some of the game’s most cherished memories and featured its biggest stars. And now for the first time in 20 years, England is playing host to the sport’s showpiece.

這是板球運動大放光彩的時刻。板球世界盃製造了板球運動中一些最珍貴的記憶,也聚焦展示了最大牌的球星。而今年是英國 20 年來第一次主辦這項體育盛事。

Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara played in four World Cups – and told me these are historic times for the game here.


Kumar Sangakkara, President, Marylebone Cricket Club
This is probably the most significant year in terms of cricket for England. You have the World Cup – and then you have one of the oldest rivalries in terms of the Ashes. What more can the MCC, Lords, spectators of world cricket and English cricket can ask for? It’s such an exciting time.

庫馬爾‧桑加卡拉     馬里波恩板球俱樂部主席
「這可能是英格蘭板球史上最重要的一年。世界盃在這裡舉辦,在 『骨灰杯』 中將再次與老對手比拚。對於馬里波恩板球俱樂部、勞德板球場,世界板球和英國板球的觀眾們來說,還能要求什麼呢?這是一個令人興奮的時刻。」

The ten teams play each other in a round-robin format before the top four contest semi-finals. 11 grounds will stage 48 matches across six and a half weeks of action. And 830,000 tickets have been sold.

十支球隊將以循環賽的方式進行比賽,最後四強進入半決賽。為期六週半的 48 場比賽將在 11 個板球場內進行。83 萬張門票已經售出。

Two years ago, England won the Women’s World Cup. Now the men are favourites to emulate them.


Having won their final warm-up game against Afghanistan, England are high on confidence. But true success depends on winning new fans, as well as cricket’s most coveted trophy.



rivalries 相互比拚,相互競爭

round-robin 循環賽

favourites 最有希望獲勝的隊伍

warm-up game 熱身賽

trophy 獎盃


The match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan is eagerly anticipated.