The dogs sniffing out coronavirus 英國訓練新冠肺炎檢測犬


The dogs sniffing out coronavirus 英國訓練新冠肺炎檢測犬


有關 「smell(氣味)」 的詞彙


Where are these Covid-19 sniffer dog trials taking place?


This is Asher. He’s a medical detection dog. Scientists are hoping specially trained dogs like Asher could be a vital help in the fight against Covid-19.


Dr Claire Guest, Medical Detection Dogs
The dogs have this incredible sense of smell. They have 350 million sensory receptors dedicated to olfaction. Now us poor humans have got five million and we think we can smell pretty well.

克萊爾‧格斯特博士     英國慈善機構 「醫療檢測犬」(Medical Detection Dogs)

Asher’s remarkable nose has already been trained to sniff out a number of human diseases like cancer and malaria. Now a joint research project with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Durham University is seeing whether they can detect Covid-19.


Professor James Logan, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
We now know, scientifically, that diseases change body odour, and, you know, dogs are incredibly good at sniffing – and we all know that – but they’re also very good at learning as well. And so they can learn the smell of a particular medical condition. We now know that dogs really can do this really well, so we’re really hopeful that the dogs will be able to do this with Covid-19.

詹姆斯‧洛根教授     倫敦衛生與熱帶醫學院

Helsinki airport in Finland. Trials have already started here, with dogs sniffing passengers as they arrive. This is Kip – one of the dogs being trained to detect Covid-19. He lives with Sam.


Sam Ferguson, dog owner
I think it is a fantastic project. The capability of dogs to do mass screening in a speedy time is really, really important because Covid’s going to be with us for a while yet, so they have a massive part to play.

珊姆‧弗格森     狗主

The dogs are trained by sniffing samples of clothing from people who currently have Covid-19. Researchers say they desperately need more samples and are appealing for help.



sense of smell 嗅覺

olfaction 嗅覺(醫學術語)

sniff out 嗅出,聞出

detect 檢測出,發現

odour 氣味


These Covid-19 sniffer dog trials are taking place at Helsinki airport in Finland.