The hungry swans 飢腸轆轆的天鵝



The hungry swans 飢腸轆轆的天鵝


有關 「interpersonal relationships(人際關係)」 的詞彙


How do the swans get residents’ attention?


David Cotterill-Drew, resident
They’re irresistible. They come whether you want them to or not. And they’re quite friendly. Where are you going?

大衛‧科特里爾-德魯             居民

This is Jack. He and his family are often seen swanning around this village, in search of a meal.


David Cotterill-Drew, resident 
They knock on the door. They damage the letter box because they keep trying to pull the letter box off. And they’ll come and knock on the window as well.

大衛‧科特里爾-德魯              居民

They’ve been a familiar sight in Kirk Hallam in Derbyshire for years. And while some people think they’re a nuisance, others say they’re part of the community.


David Cotterill-Drew, resident
We put water out for them and we put different types of bread out, some seeded bread and some seeds as well. There are people that do chase them, and we’ve had a few swans that have been spray painted in the past, so we just keep an eye out for them.

大衛‧科特里爾-德魯              居民

Andy Bennett, resident
They come every day- no bother or nothing [anything]. They just come and see everybody, and then they start toddling off down the street.

安迪‧班尼特                        居民

Marian Lewis, resident
It seems at nighttime, they know when to go back home – back to the lake. And it’s so lovely to see them. I’d miss them if they weren’t here anymore.

瑪麗安‧路易斯                     居民


irresistible 不可抗拒的

familiar 熟悉的

nuisance 惹麻煩的人或事

bother 麻煩,問題


They knock on the doors, the windows and pull the letter boxes.