The recycled-goods shopping mall 賣回收商品的購物中心



The recycled-goods shopping mall 賣回收商品的購物中心


有關 「the condition of goods 貨物狀況」 的詞彙


What guarantees a steady stream of items to recycle?


This shopping mall in Sweden may look pretty normal. But look closely at the items for sale in its 14 specialist shops. You’ll realise there’s something quite different about it.


Everything for sale here is second-hand. The mall only sells items that are recycled or 『upcycled』, meaning unwanted items broken down and reinvented as something new.

這裡出售的每樣貨品都是二手的。這家購物中心只出售經過回收或 「升級改造過的」 商品,也就是說,不需要的物品會被拆解,然後被改造成新的東西。

Anna Bergstrom, ReTuna Mall Manager
You can come and just do sustainable shopping and Sweden loves it. And the world loves it. Everyone wants to be like us.

安娜‧伯格斯特龍     ReTuna 購物中心經理

The clever thing about this mall in Eskilstuna near Stockholm is its location. It’s right next to the city’s recycling centre. So a steady stream of cars is already coming to drop off unwanted household items. This produces a regular supply of stock for the shops. When goods arrive, a team sorts everything into categories.


The mall’s shopkeepers can then pick out which things they want to sell or use as material for upcycling. One of the most popular shops in the mall specialises in handmade household ornaments. This is its best-selling item. It’s made from worn-out leather jackets.


In 2018, the mall sold second-hand goods worth $1.3 million, meaning unwanted items found new homes.


second-hand 二手的

upcycled 經過升級改造的

broken down 被拆開、分解

handmade 手工製作的

worn-out 破舊的


The mall is close to Eskilstuna’s recycling centre, where people drop off unwanted household items.