The whitest white paint 迄今為止最白的白色塗料



The whitest white paint 迄今為止最白的白色塗料


有關 「discoveries(發現)」 的詞彙


What percentage of sunlight does the new white paint reflect?


Cool, heat-reflecting white rooms are already an urban climate solution that’s been embraced in cities around the world.


In New York, more than ten million square feet [929,000 square metres] of rooves have been coated with white heat-reflecting paint.


But these scientists say their ULTRA-white paint could make those rooves even cooler.

但這些科學家表示,他們的 「超白」 塗料可以使屋頂變得更涼爽。

While the whitest currently available paints reflect between 80 and 90 per cent of sunlight, these researchers say theirs reflects more than 98 per cent.


Covering a 1,000 square foot [92.9 square metre] roof with this paint, they estimate, would provide more cooling power than a typical central air conditioner.


Prof Xiulin Ruan, Purdue University
Every one per cent of reflectance you get will translate to ten watts per metre squared less heating from the Sun. So, basically, it provides cooling of 18 kilowatts. That’s really a big deal. That’s more than a typical air conditioner does for a house with the same kind of space.

阮修林教授     美國普渡大學
「反射比每增加 1%,就相當於每平方米內少吸收太陽10瓦的熱能。所以基本上,這種塗料可以提供18千瓦的降溫效果。這很厲害。比普通空調在同等大小的房屋中功效還要強。」

The secret to its formulation also makes it relatively cheap to produce: the scientists used high concentrations of a compound called barium sulphate, that’s already used to make paper.


Back in 2014, another group of scientists developed the blackest possible black coating, a material called ‘Vantablack’, that absorbs so much light it makes every surface look almost invisibly flat.

早在2014年,另一組科學家就研製出了最黑的黑色塗層,是一種名為 「納米碳管黑體(Vantablack)」 的材料,可吸收的光線之多使每個塗層表面看起來都幾乎平坦無形。

And one museum in the US now wants to put these two breakthroughs side-by-side, displaying the whitest possible white alongside the blackest black.



embraced 被應用,被採納

estimate 估計

formulation 形成方式,配方

relatively 相對地

breakthroughs 重大突破


Researchers say their paint reflects more than 98 per cent of sunlight.