The woman leading UAE’s Mars mission 負責阿聯酋火星任務的女科學家


The woman leading UAE’s Mars mission 負責阿聯酋火星任務的女科學家


有關 「new space exploration(新的太空探索)」 的詞彙


What is the UAE’s new spacecraft called?


Sarah Al-Amiri is the scientist in charge of taking the United Arab Emirates to Mars.


Sarah Al-Amiri, scientist
I was interested in space just by being mesmerised by the vast largeness of space and the complexity of understanding and learning about it.

莎拉‧阿爾-阿米利     科學家

So far, the UAE has only launched satellites into Earth’s orbit. Getting to Mars will be a huge leap. It’s also a big deal for the Arab world – it’s their first inter-planetary mission.


The country’s spacecraft is called Hope. It’s taken six years to build, with help from US scientists.

阿聯酋的宇宙飛船被稱為 「希望號」。在美國科學家的幫助下,「希望號」 耗時六年時間建成。

Sarah Al-Amiri, scientist
We’ve tested and tested and tested this spacecraft to ensure that it can survive every single scenario, and now all of that rests on a launch pad on top of a rocket that’s destined to [go to] a planet that’s millions of kilometres away from us.

莎拉‧阿爾-阿米利     科學家

The spacecraft will launch on a Japanese rocket and take seven months to reach Mars. Once it’s there, it will study the planet’s atmosphere.


Sarah Al-Amiri, scientist
It is a weather satellite of Mars that it provides us comprehensive understanding of the weather throughout the times of the day, during [in] different regions and at [in] different seasons, and that gives us the comprehensive view that we require.

莎拉‧阿爾-阿米利     科學家

This could help to solve a major Martian mystery. The Red Planet was once covered in rivers and oceans like Earth. Studying its atmosphere could help to explain how it became the barren, dusty place it is today. But Sarah says it’s not just about the science.

這可能有助於解開一個關於火星的重大謎團。這顆 「紅色星球」 曾像地球一樣被河流和海洋覆蓋。研究火星的大氣層有助於解釋它是如何變成了今天這個貧瘠、多塵的地方。但莎拉說,這項任務不只是和科學有關。

Sarah Al-Amiri, scientist
For children at school today, this mission has opened up new opportunities for all of us to work in designing and developing a planetary exploration mission. This is something that we couldn’t fathom could have been possible to work in the UAE.

莎拉‧阿爾-阿米利     科學家

If this mission does succeed, a new player in the global space race will have truly arrived.



a big deal 大事,一件非常重要的事情

destined 被發往某地

comprehensive 全面的,詳盡的

Martian mystery 有關火星的謎團

space race (國家之間的)太空競賽


The UAE’s new spacecraft is called Hope.