The woman who feels no pain 一位從來感覺不到疼痛的女性



The woman who feels no pain 一位從來感覺不到疼痛的女性


有關 「pain 疼痛」 的詞彙


What other effects do Jo’s unusual genetic mutations bring?


She’s had her teeth knocked out, broken her arm, suffered serious burns, yet Jo Cameron didn’t feel any of it. The 71-year-old retired lecturer has a complete lack of pain sensitivity.
她曾經牙齒被打掉、手臂骨折,還有過嚴重的燒傷,然而喬‧卡梅倫卻感受不到任何的疼痛。這位 71 歲的退休講師對疼痛完全不敏感

Jo Cameron
I put my arm on something and only realise it’s burning when I can smell flesh burning – so it’s not clumsiness. The normal reaction is you cut yourself or burn yourself once, maybe twice, then you avoid that because your brain says ‘don’t do that’. Well, my brain doesn’t say ‘don’t do that’.

「我把胳膊放在一個東西上,只有當我聞到肉燒焦的味道時,才意識到胳膊被燙傷了,所以並不是因為我笨手笨腳。正常的反應是,只要割傷或燙傷自己一兩次,你就會避免再次受傷,因為大腦會告訴你 『別那樣做』。而我的大腦卻不這樣說。」

This is Jo with her husband and doctor eating super-hot chillies – a breeze for her.

Scientists have analysed her genes and found she has two DNA mutations. One seems to silence the response to pain and boost mood receptors in the brain. It is hoped the discovery could help others.
科學家們在分析了她的基因之後發現她的兩個 DNA 發生了突變。第一個能抑制對疼痛的反應,並增強大腦中影響情緒的受體。他們希望這一發現能幫助其他人。

Professor John Wood, University College London
What we found is actually a new genetic mechanism that seems to be able to regulate pain thresholds and what we hope to do in the future is exploit this knowledge to perhaps develop new treatments for the millions of people that suffer ongoing chronic pain.

約翰‧伍德教授 倫敦大學學院

Jo Cameron
I can’t stop being happy and I do forget things.


Jo’s unusual gene mutations also boost her spirits and she’s never felt anxious, but it also affects memory. She has always been forgetful, but it’s her inability to feel pain which most fascinates scientists and may ultimately help others.


pain sensitivity 疼痛敏感性

response to pain 對疼痛的反應

pain thresholds 痛閾

chronic pain 慢性疼痛


Her genetic mutations boost her spirits, stop her feeling anxious but also affect her memory.