The world’s oldest hat shop 世界上歷史最悠久的帽子店



The world’s oldest hat shop 世界上歷史最悠久的帽子店


有關 「transformation(轉變)」 的詞彙


Who has been dispatching parcels during the pandemic?


Roger Stephenson, Deputy chairman, Lock & Co Hatters
Good afternoon and welcome to Lock & Co. Please come in.

羅傑‧史蒂芬森       Lock & Co Hatters 帽子店副董事長
「下午好,歡迎來到 Lock & Co 帽子店。請進。」

This is the oldest hat shop in the world. We were established in 1676 and we’ve been on these premises since 1759. We have survived two World Wars, depressions, recessions and one pandemic.


Are you looking for a summer or winter hat? I think this time of year maybe a nice Panama would go very well.


Through the front door, which is still the same front door that we had in 1759 – Nelson, Duke of Wellington, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin – have all stepped through that door.


You have to mould the hat to the shape of the head, not just the size, so these are everyone’s head shapes.


The last eighteen months, throughout the pandemic, has naturally been very challenging for any business, especially one that is in the middle of London. But we’ve had to dig deep, and we’ve had to evolve and try and adapt to the changing circumstances which hasn’t been easy.


We just thought, right OK, if the shop’s closed, we are not doing any business in the shop, then we have just got to channel all our focus ­– so we were pulling people who’d normally work in the shop, who were then rota-ed in to dispatch parcels. The one thing we have noticed, which has been great for us, is how well the business bounced back as soon as we could reopen. The moment we opened up we saw sales just take off again.


Let me box it up for you.


Who knows what retail is going to look like in the next forty, fifty years? But here we are, we’re still here, and I’d like to say that we will be here for a few more years to go.


Thank you very much. Enjoy your Lock hat and I hope it gives you many, many years of good service.

「謝謝惠顧。希望您喜歡 Lock 牌帽子,願它能在未來的多年裡為您遮陽擋雨。」


survived 挺過了,熬過了

evolve 逐漸發展,與時並進

adapt 調整,適應

bounced back (困難時期後)恢復

take off 迅速成功


Employees who normally work in the shop.