Turning pineapples into bags 用鳳梨葉子做包包


Turning pineapples into bags 用鳳梨葉子做包包


有關 「money(金錢)」 的詞彙


What does the reporter compare the feel of the pineapple leaf fabric to?


Picking pineapples can be arduous, heavy work often with little reward. The price paid for each individual fruit is a fraction of a penny.


The leaves from pineapple plants are usually thrown away. A use for them has now been found, turning the leaves into fabric – which provides some extra income for workers.


Ben Patton, designer for Materia Products
I think everybody was quite surprised that the fabric was made of pineapple. Because it doesn’t smell like pineapple, it’s not spikey, it’s got a nice texture to it. So it’s quite an unusual thing to be working with.

本‧巴頓                    Materia Products 公司設計師
「我覺得每個人都很驚訝,布料是鳳梨做的。因為它聞起來不像鳳梨,不扎手, 摸起來也很舒服。所以這是一種很不尋常的面料。」

To make the fabric, fibres are extracted from the leaves. These get sent from the Philippines to Spain. Once there, machinists complete the process of turning them into a material which has been named ‘Pinatex’.

為了製作這種面料,人們從樹葉中提取纖維。這些樹葉從菲律賓運到西班牙。等運到之後,機械師將它們製成一種叫做 「Pinatex」 的纖維材料。

An online shop based in Cambridge has begun using Pinatex to create handbags, satchels and purses.

位於劍橋的一家網店已經開始使用 Pinatex 製作手袋、背包和錢包

And these are the finished bags. If you want one, they’ll set you back around 137 pounds. The texture is slightly crinkled – not too different to some leathers.


As manufacturers become more confident using the material, it’s hoped more items will be made out of it in the future, making use of pineapple leaves that were otherwise destined to be wasted.



reward 報酬,回報

penny 便士(英鎊中最小的輔幣單位)

income 收入

purses 女士錢包

set you back ……讓你破費


The reporter compares its feel to some types of leather.