UK wind turbines at sea 英國的海上風力發電機



UK wind turbines at sea 英國的海上風力發電機


有關 「energy(能源)」 的詞彙


How many times do the blades have to turn to power a house for a day?


That’s where these latest huge wind turbines are being installed.


Justin Rowlatt, BBC correspondent
So to give you an idea of how big this thing is, I’m gonna [going to] walk it.

賈斯汀‧羅拉特       BBC通訊員

Each of these blades is made by hand from balsa wood and fibreglass.


So there we go, 81 metres.


You need a giant factory to make a giant wind turbine, which has created a new industry here in East Yorkshire (North of England).


From the factory, the blades, towers and the generator are loaded onto a boat – yep, a really big one – and sailed out into the North Sea.


This is where the vast new wind farms that increasingly power Britain are being built.


Patrick Harnett, Programme Director, Orsted
There’s our 1000th wind turbine in the UK for Orsted. About ten years ago we were 40% reliant on coal, we are now only 2%.

帕特里克‧哈奈特       Orsted 公司項目總監
「這是 Orsted 在英國安裝的第1000颱風力發電機。大約十年前,英國依賴燃煤發電的比例是40%,而現在只有2%。」

The Danish company has installed about half this country’s offshore wind capacity. And the plan is to keep on building.


A huge crane lifts the 125-metre tower. Next, comes the generator. Then you need to attach those 81-metre turbine blades. Now, you can start generating electricity.


Each turn of the blades is enough to power the average home for a day. And the offshore wind industry is on track to power every home in the UK by the end of this decade.



wind turbines 風力發電機

generator 發電機

wind farms 風力發電場

power 提供電力

reliant on coal 依賴燃煤發電的


Just one turn of the blades in a wind turbine can power a UK home for a day.