UK woman completes solo expedition to Antarctica 英國女性獨自徒步1126公里到達南極



UK woman completes solo expedition to Antarctica 英國女性獨自徒步1126公里到達南極


有關 「physical challenges(體能挑戰)」 的詞彙


How many calories a day did Harpreet consume on the expedition?


Harpreet Kaur Chandi, Polar explorer
I just made it to the South Pole!

哈普麗特‧考爾‧錢迪       極地探險家

Meet Harpreet Kaur Chandi. Also known as Polar Preet. The 33-year-old has been making headlines all over the world after becoming the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition across Antarctica.

來認識一下哈普麗特‧考爾‧錢迪,人們也叫她 「極地普麗特」。33歲的她成為了首位獨自完成南極探險的有色人種女性,登上了世界各大媒體的頭條。

Harpreet Kaur Chandi
[I’m] feeling pretty incredible, right now.

哈普麗特‧考爾‧錢迪       極地探險家

Captain Preet, who is a trained physiotherapist working for the British Army, has successfully trekked 1,126 kilometres in 40 days, 7 hours and 3 minutes – thus making her the third-fastest woman to trek across Antarctica.


Harpreet Kaur Chandi
The reason Antarctica was because I didn’t know much about it, you know, and I thought, if I could do something that pushes me so far out of my comfort zone, hopefully it’ll inspire other people to do the same.

哈普麗特‧考爾‧錢迪       極地探險家

Today was tough. Another whiteout. [I’m] feeling pretty tired.


As a part of her gruelling expedition, Preet endured temperatures as low as minus 50 degree Celsius, and wind speeds of up to 96 kilometres per hour, and walked around 27 kilometres a day, pulling a 90-kilogram sled containing her kit.


Harpreet Kaur Chandi
It was generally windy, there were only, like, two days that I can remember when there was, like, minimal wind. I had to melt snow to make my water. In the evening I was having freeze-dried meals, which to be honest were really tasty. And, I did miss fresh food obviously by the end. And during the day I was having like a mixture of things like nuts and chocolate, and cheese and salamis. You know, I’m burning a lot of calories, and I was eating about 5,000 calories a day. Even then, you know, I lost 10 kilos by the end of the expedition. There were times where it was so hard, and I just thought ‘this is the toughest thing I’ve ever done, like, how am I going to keep going?’ And I would just break it down and I’d take one step at a time, but I never thought, ‘I’m going to give up’.

哈普麗特‧考爾‧錢迪       極地探險家
「總是在颳風,我記憶中只有兩天沒怎麼颳風。我必須通過融雪才能得到水。晚上我吃凍干的飯菜,說實話味道還真不錯。不過到最後,我確實很想念新鮮食物。白天,我吃的東西種類繁多,比如堅果、巧克力、奶酪和薩拉米香腸。你知道的,我在消耗很多卡路里,我一天要吃5000卡路里左右的東西。但儘管如此,我完成探險時還是瘦了10公斤。有些時候,路上特別辛苦,我就想:這是我做過的最艱難的事情了,我該怎樣繼續下去?我會一點點、一步步來,但我從沒想過 『我要放棄』。」

Preet spent two years planning and training for this adventure, which included her dragging tyres around for up to five hours a day, as well as a 27-day trip to Greenland to help her become accustomed to the extreme weather conditions.


Preet also faced a lot of reservations from relatives and her community, as not many South Asians take part in outdoor activities or go on expeditions.


Despite all the hardships and challenges, Preet says that there’s no stopping, and has started training for her next adventure.


Harpreet Kaur Chandi
I actually intend to do a crossing of Antarctica, which if you look at the map it’s just going at a right angle basically.

哈普麗特‧考爾‧錢迪       極地探險家


comfort zone 舒適區

gruelling 艱辛的,累人的

toughest 最困難的

reservations 保留意見,疑慮

hardships 艱難困苦


She consumed about 5,000 calories a day.