Ultra-processed food health warning 對超加工食品的健康警示



Ultra-processed food health warning 對超加工食品的健康警示


有關 「food 食品」 的詞彙


How many people were assessed in the two studies about ultra-processed foods?


This is ultra-processed food.


They’re the foods that have been through the most industrial processing – and often have a long list of ingredients on the packet. It includes popular items like fizzy drinks, chicken nuggets and breakfast cereals.


The two studies regularly assessed the diets of more than one hundred thousand people – and recorded what happened to their health. They showed people who ate the most ultra-processed foods tended to have the worst heart health and die earlier.

兩項研究定期評估了 10 萬多人的飲食,並記錄了他們健康狀況的變化。這些變化表明食用超加工食品數量最多的那些人心臟健康狀況往往最差,壽命也較短。

The studies are not definitive proof of harm and experts have expressed caution. More work is still needed to explain what it is about ultra-processing that might have a detrimental effect on our bodies.


Victoria Taylor, British Heart Foundation
What we actually need to know is what’s behind these associations. Is it the ultra-processed foods, is it the nutritional content of them, is it some kind of additive that’s in them? Or is it actually something to do with people’s lives of the people that are eating more of them. And I think before we make any changes or jump to any conclusions – we really need to find out a bit more about it.

維多利亞‧泰勒     英國心臟基金會

The authors of the two studies say there is now mounting evidence that ultra-processed foods may be harmful. And the research comes out hot on the heels of trials showing these types of foods make us eat more and put on weight.


But while the term ultra-processed might feel new – the health advice is very familiar. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds also happens to be one full of unprocessed foods.

雖然 「超加工」 這個詞聽起來很新鮮,但對大眾的健康提示一如以往。飲食應富含水果、蔬菜、魚、堅果和籽類食物,恰好是一個充滿未經加工的飲食結構。


industrial processing 工業化加工

diets 飲食

nutritional content 營養成分

additive 添加劑

rich in 富含…的


The two studies regularly assessed the diets of more than one hundred thousand people.