Updating London’s Victorian sewage system 升級改造倫敦維多利亞時代的排水系統



Updating London’s Victorian sewage system 升級改造倫敦維多利亞時代的排水系統


This is London, but it’s a story repeated across the United Kingdom. An ageing sewage network, regularly spilling its pungent load.


But deep beneath the river, the clean-up plan is nearly ready to flow – a five-billion-pound tunnel, the largest and deepest the capital has ever seen.


Jonah Fisher, BBC reporter
The reason we’re riding on bikes through this tunnel is because it’s just so big. It’s 15 miles long, all the way across London under the River Thames. The idea behind it is, well, that it will collect the sewage and storm water that at the moment goes into the river, and take it downhill to east London, where it can be processed properly.

喬納·費舍爾       BBC通訊員

We’re shown one of the 34 sewage overflow pipes that are being diverted to join the tunnel, rather than flowing into the Thames.


The tunnel can hold enough sewage to fill 600 Olympic-sized swimming pools but in the future, that still might not be enough, with climate change expected to bring more heavy rain.


Andy Mitchell, CEO, Tideway Tunnel
“The point here is that the solution for London going forward is to do something better with the rainwater than simply throw it in the sewers in the first place.”

安迪·米切爾       泰晤士潮路隧道(Tideway Tunnel)首席執行官

Not far upstream, what we throw down the loo is actually changing the course of the river.


Chris Coode, Deputy CEO, Thames21
“So this is what we refer to as a wet wipe reef.”

克里斯·庫德       泰晤士河21(Thames21)副首席執行官
“這就是我們所說的 ‘濕紙巾礁’。”

A mass of wet wipes and sanitary products now jut out into the river at several points.


Chris Coode, Deputy CEO, Thames21
“What look like leaves are wipes. The best case scenario for us is that the tunnel reduces or even stops new material coming to a reef like this and over time, when we start clearing the material, the reef will shrink.”

克里斯·庫德       泰晤士河21(Thames21)副首席執行官
“這些看上去像樹葉的東西是濕紙巾。對我們來說最好的情況是新隧道會減少甚至阻止新排入的污物以這種方式堆積在 ‘濕紙巾礁’ 上,這樣隨著時間的推移,當我們開始清理這些污物時,‘濕紙巾礁’ 才會變小。”

After years of abuse, just maybe the tide has turned.