What we’ve learned from the children of the 90s 英國90年代兒童健康研究的啟示



What we’ve learned from the children of the 90s 英國90年代兒童健康研究的啟示


有關 「studies(研究)」 的詞彙


What can be reduced by putting babies to sleep on their backs?


We first met and filmed with Michele and her young family three decades ago.


「You don’t remember that kitchen, do you?」 「I do. Yeah, I do. Yeah.」

「你不記得那個廚房了吧?」 「記得。對,我記得。」

She was the very first mum to sign her daughter Lindsay up to the study back in 1991.


Michele Goulden, Test subject
I didn’t really hesitate. I’d always been interested in health. I was keen to make sure that the girls, you know, were brought up eating well and being in the right kind of environment.

米歇爾‧古爾登    研究對象

I suppose I do worry about what she eats probably more than anything…


And since then, almost everything Lindsay has done has been watched and recorded – feeding into the biggest study ever done into children’s health.


Lindsay Pilgrim, Test subject
I just feel really privileged, to be honest, to be a part of it, and to be able to help generations to come.

琳賽‧皮爾格里姆  研究對象

The professor behind the entire project still carries out research. She’s eighty-one.


Professor Jean Golding, Founder, Children of the 90s study
The amount of the information we’ve got is world beating. Nobody’s got anything like it. And as a result, all sorts of different scientists can answer questions that can’t be answered in any other way.

吉安‧戈爾丁教授     「90年代兒童」 研究發起人

We now know eating oily fish is beneficial during pregnancy. There’s a link between peanut allergies and skin lotion, and putting babies to sleep on their backs reduces cot death. Over the years, everything’s been meticulously studied and stored.


「What we have here is about twelve and a half thousand placentas.」


Thirty years ago, thousands of placentas were kept in buckets. Now, they’re in freezers. It started with fourteen thousand pregnant women. Thirty years on, their children’s children are still being followed.


Laura Pirret, Test subject
My placenta from when I was born and now the placentas from when the girls were born are all being stored somewhere. It’s amazing to think that all that genetic information, all that history of our family is on record somewhere.

勞拉‧皮雷特    研究對象

Linda Cornish, Test subject
We’ll do samples of things like our blood and our spit, but we’ll also give away our teeth.

琳達‧康尼什    研究對象

And the research keeps going.


Lindsay Pilgrim, Test subject
Now I’m at uni studying osteopathic medicine. I’m looking at these journals that have been influenced by children of the 90s studies, and that is… that’s pretty cool, yeah.

琳賽‧皮爾格里姆  研究對象

It’s gone full circle. Lindsay ­– the study’s very first baby ­– is now benefiting from the bank of life she spent her childhood contributing to.



privileged 榮幸的,幸運的

beneficial 有益的

meticulously 一絲不苟地,仔細地

journals 學術期刊,刊物

contributing 貢獻


Putting babies to sleep on their backs reduces cot death.