Working on Big Ben 英國大本鐘維修竣工倒數計時



Working on Big Ben 英國大本鐘維修工程竣工倒數計時


有關 「clocks(時鐘)」 的詞彙


Why did a crack appear when Big Ben was struck in 1858?


Countdown to completion. One of the biggest restoration jobs ever undertaken on a landmark British building is approaching the finish line.


Ian Westworth, Clock Mechanic
We are servicing the rollers. This is one of the bits that we couldn’t actually get to and service while the minute hands were on.

伊恩‧韋斯特沃思       鐘錶修理工

Working on this clock would be a once in a lifetime opportunity – to actually have taken it all to pieces, putting it back together again, and then carry on looking after it for a few more years – that’s just going to be fantastic.


Tim Muffett, BBC Correspondent
One of the most striking things you notice is the colour of the clock faces. For many years, the minute demarcations, the numbers and the clock hands were painted black. But during the refurbishment, as many layers of paint were stripped away, it became clear that they were originally this shade of blue – it’s called Prussian Blue, and that is what they have been repainted in.

蒂姆‧馬菲特       BBC通訊員

With the clock mechanism out of action, a computerised system has meant that on special occasions, Big Ben has still been struck.


Mark Collins, Historian
We are standing in the belfry of the Elizabeth Tower, and it was specially constructed so that the chiming bells for the four quarters could be heard right across London.

馬克‧柯林斯       歷史學家

There’s one piece of damage here that’s been deliberately left alone.


This crack appeared when Big Ben was struck during a test in 1858. The hammer was too heavy, but it gives the bell its unique tone.


Mark Collins, Historian
It should be 『E’ – the note E <music note>, but it does give it a slightly flat sound, a very serious sound, in fact. No change to the bell whatsoever because it’s become the familiar, the familiar note.

馬克‧柯林斯       歷史學家
「大本鐘的音調本來應該是 E,但這的確令它的聲音聽起來偏低,甚至令它聽起來很莊嚴。人們並沒有對鐘作出改變,因為這個音調已經被大家聽慣了。」

A much-loved building largely hidden for the past few years, slowly revealing itself once more.



hands (鐘錶的)指針

demarcations 分界線

belfry 鐘樓,鐘塔

chiming 敲,響

hammer 鐘鎚


The hammer, which hit the bell, was too heavy.