World’s oldest known cave art 世界上已知最古老的洞穴壁畫



World’s oldest known cave art 世界上已知最古老的洞穴壁畫


有關 「old things and the past(古物古事)」 的詞彙


What could be damaging the paintings?


Here in this remote valley is the world’s oldest known paintings of animals. The discovery, made by Basran Burhan, a doctoral student at Australia’s Griffith University.


Basran Burhan, archaeologist
On a map, we found this unique location. The area is surrounded by mountains, and in the middle, there is this valley. So, we were curious and decided to explore. The name means 『buffalo cave’. During the monsoon, this area easily floods. So, in the past, our ancestors kept their buffaloes inside the cave, to protect them.

巴斯蘭‧伯翰       考古學家

Fifty metres inside the cave, they found this panel that appears to tell the story of wild pigs fighting.


Basran Burha, archaeologist
The panel expresses quite a complex narrative. Two boars are painted on top of each other. If we look closely at [the] pigs, it looks like the artist has used a brush dipped into paint to make the strokes on the cave wall. We see a different style with the hands. It appears as if a spray technique was used. They put their hands on the wall and then sprayed the pigment on.

巴斯蘭‧伯翰       考古學家

Using a uranium series isotope dating technique, it’s been revealed that it was made more than 45,000 years ago.


The team of archaeologists behind the discovery say even older paintings may be found in nearby caves.


This ancient art, a source of great national pride.


Researchers are warning that the art is decaying at an alarming rate due to the effects of climate change, rising temperatures causing these ancient paintings to crumble.



ancestors 祖先

archaeologists 考古學家

ancient 古老的

decaying 破敗,消退

crumble 破碎,粉碎


Climate change, with rising temperatures, is believed to be damaging the paintings.