Snakes in a cafe 蛇咖啡館


Give me credit 稱讚表揚我的功勞

Li offers to buy Rob something using her credit card - but Rob's looking for another type of credit. What can it be? Join them in this programme to hear another English phrase in use.

Underwater clean-up 清理海底垃圾

這不是海濱的普通的一天。這些潛水員們來到了英格蘭西南部的康沃爾,目的不是遊玩享受,而是來收撿海底的垃圾。據專門清理海底殘骸的潛水組織Dive Against Debris估計, 有70% 進入海裡的塑料物品都會下沉到海底。其中大部分都是不能生物分解的。

To keep the wolf from the door 勉強度日

Rob's run out of money and there's someone at the door. Li thinks her life is in danger until she realises Rob's used another example of authentic real English! Listen to the programme to find out what it is and see if you can apply it to your life.

Surfing dogs 寵物犬衝浪比賽


Hot desk 無固定辦公桌的現代辦公室

Rob and Feifei are discussing a new way of working in modern offices. What does the phrase 'hot desk' mean? And why do big organisations choose to hot-desk? Listen to the dialogue.

Plant energy 植物能量


Out of juice 沒電了

Helen and Neil are in the studio when Helen's phone rings. But when she picks up there's no sound. What's gone wrong? Find out and learn a useful phrase in the programme.

Auditions for Harry Potter spin-off 《哈利波特》外傳海選女演員


The penny dropped 話終於聽明白了

Rob and Feifei go out shopping. She has lots of money but Rob doesn't. But why is Rob so poor? Will Feifei realise the reason why? Listen to the programme to find out.