Out of juice 沒電了

Helen and Neil are in the studio when Helen's phone rings. But when she picks up there's no sound. What's gone wrong? Find out and learn a useful phrase in the programme.

Auditions for Harry Potter spin-off 《哈利波特》外傳海選女演員


The penny dropped 話終於聽明白了

Rob and Feifei go out shopping. She has lots of money but Rob doesn't. But why is Rob so poor? Will Feifei realise the reason why? Listen to the programme to find out.

Grass phone 草製手機

你想讓自己的手機與眾不同嗎?瞧,這部裝置看上去很酷而且完全環保 – 這是因為它的一部分是用草作的。它的外殼和內部零件全部採用了回收的、有機材料製成。

Red tape 繁文縟節,官僚作風

Rob is annoyed. He has spent hours filling in forms for his small house extension. Can Feifei help him? Listen to the programme to find out.

A good year for smelly fruit “臭”水果大豐收


Words for underwear 表示內衣褲的詞語

Li loves clothes and fashion - but is Neil calling her fat? Find out more in the programme when Neil and Li talk about smalls and undies.

The secret of giraffes’ long legs 長頸鹿細長下肢的秘密