A chequered past 好壞參半的過去

Someone did both good and bad things in their past. How do we describe that? Learn an English phrase about reputations.
What did this person do?



搭配 “a chequered past” 或 “a chequered history” 字面上的意思是 “斑斑駁駁的過去”,但其實際意思是比喻一個人過去的經歷好壞參半。單字 “chequered” 原本指 “格子圖案的”,在這裡它形容人跌宕起伏的過去。

所以,搭配 “a chequered past” 多用來告誡人們某人曾作過不光鮮的事情,所以不能輕易信任。


I’m not sure that Tim is suitable for this job – it seems like he can be trusted, but he has a chequered past.

The famous singer is working hard for many good causes – the environment, poor children, and refugees. Maybe he hopes everyone will forget about his chequered past.

As a result of his chequered past, he has found it difficult to persuade the bank to lend him the money he needs to set up his business.