Bask in your achievements 收穫滿滿的成就感



動詞 「bask」 表示 「沉浸」 在一件令人感到快樂的事情中。比如,搭配 「bask in the sunshine」 的意思是 「曬太陽,享受陽光的溫暖」。由此不難推斷,同樣包含動詞 「bask」 的表達 「bask in your achievements」 指在取得成就或成功後,停下來細細品味內心的成就感、沉浸在成功的快樂中。

另外一個與 「bask in your achievements」 的意思相近的表達是 「bask in the glory of something」,它表示 「沉浸在……榮譽感、榮耀感中」。


You’ve done all the hard work and passed your exams – now it’s time to bask in your achievements!

At the age of only 22, the young businessman has sold his company for over a million pounds. But rather than basking in his achievements, he has already started a new business!
這名年僅 22 歲的年輕商人以 100 多萬英鎊的價格賣掉了他的公司,但他並沒有沉浸在成就感中,而是已經開了一家新公司!

When her son became a pop star, Carol basked in the glory of his achievements.