Be at your wits’ end 一籌莫展,束手無策



表達 “be at your wits’ end” 的意思是 “因找不到解決問題的辦法而感到一籌莫展、束手無策,不知道下一步該怎麼辦”。


My baby won’t stop crying. I’m at my wits’ end about what to do next.
我的寶寶一直哭個不停, 我完全不知道該怎麼辦。

I’m at my wits’ end trying to understand this work schedule – I don’t know what I should be doing now.
我絞盡腦汁想弄明白這個工作日程安排表,但還是沒看懂, 我真不知道現在該做什麼。

He’s at his wits’ end trying to find enough money to pay his rent. He could be evicted any day.
他絞盡腦汁想湊錢付房租,卻一籌莫展, 他隨時都有可能被趕出去。