Be/feel out of sorts 身體不舒服 心情不太好


表達 「be out of sorts」 或 「feel out of sorts」 既可以表示一個人 「身體有點不舒服」,也可以指一個人 「心情不太好」。

「Be/feel out of sorts」 不能用來談論嚴重的病症或具體的病情,而是泛指一個人的 「整體狀態不好,感覺有些不對頭」。所以,當你只想泛泛地告訴他人自己 「身體不舒服」 或 「心情不好」,而不想提及具體的病情或原因時,就可以使用這個表達。


A: Are you OK, Mo? You don’t look very well.
B: Yeah, I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts today. Thanks for asking.

Whenever he’s feeling out of sorts, Frank asks his mother to make him her special noodle soup. He usually feels much better after that.

Our cat was definitely out of sorts yesterday – you could tell because he wasn’t eating and he slept almost all day. He seems OK today, though.