Burn off the calories / pounds 運動減脂



搭配 「burn off the calories 燃燒卡路里」 或者 「burn off the pounds 減重」 的意思是通過大量體育鍛鍊 「消耗熱量,減脂」。動詞片語 「burn off something」 本身指能量或脂肪 「消耗、燃燒」 的過程。在談論健身減重的語境中,「burn off the calories」 和 「burn off the pounds」 的使用頻率都很高。


A: Doctor, I’m putting on weight even though I’m not eating anything different.
B: Running and swimming are two types of exercise that help burn off the calories quickly. Try them for a few weeks and see.

Wow, Mark! You look great! You’ve really been burning off the pounds at the gym, haven’t you?

I really burned off the pounds for my sister’s wedding but I put the weight back on afterwards!