Call a spade a spade 實話實說

What does this phrase tell you about the way someone speaks? Find out what it means.
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如果一個人的說話方式非常直接,而且實事求是,毫不遮掩或避諱,那麼就可以用口語表達 “call a spade a spade 把鐵鍬稱作鐵鍬” 來形容這個人 “直言不諱,有什麼說什麼”。


The boss will tell you his honest opinion of your new business proposal. He calls a spade a spade!

A: I told them directly – I don’t want to go to the meeting because I think it’s a waste of time!
B: Wow! You really call a spade a spade!

Why don’t we call a spade a spade? You have money and I need to borrow some!