Cram for 考前抱佛腳

Have you ever had to study intensively the night before an exam? Learn a phrase about last-minute revision.
Don’t leave it till the last minute!



搭配 “cram for something” 的意思是 “在短時間內學習大量知識,突擊複習”,多用來形容為了應付考試,臨陣抱佛腳的做法。動詞 “cram” 的本意是 “填滿、塞進”,這裡,它比喻 “快速地往腦子裡塞入很多內容、死記硬背”。


Susan can’t come out with us tonight because she needs to cram for the maths test tomorrow morning. She hasn’t even started yet!

Why do you always leave studying until the last minute, Joe? You hate cramming! It stresses you out and then you do badly. You never learn, do you?

I need to start preparing for exams weeks in advance to do well, but my brother has always been able to cram and get a great mark! It’s so annoying!