Crisis averted 危機已解除

What is the formal way of saying ‘phew’? Here is a phrase for you to learn.
A phrase used to express relief.



表達 “crisis averted 危機已被避開” 看起來是正式說法,但它也常被用在口語會話中,來幽默地表示 “已經成功避免迫在眉睫的危機”。人們常在一陣慌亂和擔憂後用這個說法來表示鬆了一口氣。


I thought I’d left the house unlocked, but I called my neighbour and they checked the front door for me. I had locked it after all! Crisis averted.

Crisis averted! Michelle didn’t lose her handbag, she just left it at work. She was so worried when she couldn’t find it anywhere!

The planes were flying directly towards each other until the traffic controller changed their flight paths and avoided a terrible accident. ‘Crisis averted!’ he said to his colleague.
幾架飛機原本正直衝著彼此飛去,直到交通指揮員改變了它們的航向才避免了慘劇的發生。“危機解除!” 他對同事說。