Go over 仔細檢查

What would we do if we wanted to make sure that something is accurate? Learn a phrasal verb that can be used describe this situation.
Could you please look at this document again?



動詞片語 “go over something” 的意思是 “仔細檢查、考慮或確認”。這個說法經常用來談論 “為保證信息準確而再次察看某事”,也就是中文口語裡常說的 “把…過一遍”。

“Go over” 的後面可以接 “筆記 notes”、“方案 plans”、“數字 numbers 或 figures”、“文件 documents”、“你的作業 your homework”、“練習題 the exercise” 等詞。


Can we quickly go over these figures before the presentation? Let’s check the numbers are all correct.

OK, class, please remember to go over my lecture notes before your exam tomorrow. All the questions will be based on what we discussed today.

The architect is coming to go over the plans for the new building one more time before we all agree.