Have a chesty cough 肺部感染引起的咳嗽


搭配 「have a chesty cough」 的意思是 「肺部感染引起的咳嗽」,它具體指因肺部炎症而導致的胸悶、呼吸不暢、咳嗽、多痰等症狀。

若想強調咳嗽的症狀非常嚴重,可以在 「chesty cough」 前加上 「terrible」、「awful」 等形容病情 「嚴重」 的形容詞,即 「have (got) a terrible chesty cough」 或者 「have (got) an awful chesty cough」 。


Dan has been off work for a few days because he has a terrible chesty cough. He sounds awful!

A: How can I help you?
B: I’ve got an awful chesty cough. Can you recommend anything to take?

Tom was sent home from work yesterday as he had a really bad chesty cough. He couldn’t stop coughing!