Have a migraine 偏頭痛


搭配 「have a migraine」 專指 「患有偏頭痛」。這是一種嚴重且反覆發作的頭痛,通常伴有噁心、嘔吐和視覺障礙等症狀。除了 「a migraine」 以外,「a migraine headache」 也可以表示 「偏頭痛」。在描述這個症狀時,人們多在 「a migraine」 前加上 「get」 或 「suffer from」,即 「to get a migraine (headache)」 或 「to suffer from a migraine (headache)」 患偏頭痛。


Tim has to take time off work sometimes because he gets really severe migraines. They can last for a couple of days.

She’s been under a lot stress at work and in her personal life lately, so Mika’s been getting more migraines than usual.

I suffered from migraines when I was a teenager. I used to have one about once a month, but I don’t get them so much now.