The calm before the storm 暴風雨前的平靜


表達 「the calm before the storm(暴風雨前的平靜)」 指 「在苦難或衝突發生前的一段平靜、穩定的時期」。這段平靜的時期可能會異常安靜,因此其它時期會更引人注目或給人不詳之感。這個表達中的名詞 「calm」 可以用 「lull」 代替,意思不變,即 「the lull before the storm」。


The mall is quiet at the moment, but sales start next week so this is probably just the calm before the storm.

My friend Roman is a school teacher and he always says that the week before term starts is the most productive time to be at school. He can prepare his lessons and enjoy the calm before the storm!

Having all of our relatives over for Christmas is always chaotic, so I try to be extremely organised and give myself time to relax before the guests arrive. That way, I can enjoy the lull before the storm.